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Toronto Golf Courses

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Challenge: Test, trial, contest, experiment, confront, defy.

The word “challenge” has more than one definition, but on the golf course, it translates into mere fun, with tees, fairways, greens and hazards to test your mettle. You don’t have to look far to find them - they’re in and around the GTA, and we’ve got them listed here. The challenge lies in experiencing them all!

Whether you’re part of a regular foursome, a weekend duffer or part of a tournament, Toronto’s elite golf courses offer a place for all skill sets. Often, golf clubs have more than one course to choose from, giving all golfers the challenge they want and the course that will give it to them.

The golf course used to be a networking spot, a place away from the office to sell clients on your brand. While it is still a good place to combine business with recreation, many golfers are now shattering the old “business” image and taking to courses in droves and in any given social situation – buddies on the weekend, husbands and wives and girlfriends hitting the links.

We will highlight some of the stops on the GTA golf tour and give you all the information to make the best choice for your recreation dollars, whether it’s your home club or a new spot to check out.

The game of golf has not changed itself. The goal is still to drive the ball on the fairway and to the greens (and hopefully in the hole) in as few strokes as possible. What has changed is the backdrop. The game of golf is not reserved merely for the elite, upper class. Golf is an everyday man’s (and woman’s) sport. A look at the golf clubs of today will still include award-winning courses, but golf enthusiasts now look at the whole package when choosing their club – the tidiness and upkeep of the course, the challenges, and also the facilities for the after-play – the clubhouse, restaurants, spas and pro shops. Our partners cater to you – no matter your skill set.

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