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OG Hall of Fame

The Ontario Golf Hall of Fame was formed in 2000 by the Ladies Golf Association of Ontario and the Ontario Golf Association. Their primary goal is to help maintain and preserve the memory and acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions that have been made by Ontarians in the area of golf.

Ontario Professional Golfers Association

The PGA of Ontario was created in 1927. It is a non-profit association made up of over 1000 golf professionals from all across Ontario. The mandate of the OPGA is to advance and promote the game of golf, through servicing the needs of its membership, as well as the general golf public through. This is done through professional and junior golf development programs and competitive high-calibre events.

Golf Association of Ontario

The GAO is run through the Royal Canadian Golf Association. The GAO provides services to its members, in particular by developing and running several national programs & through work geared toward growing the game of Golf. The GAO includes members from other Golf Associations, such as the Ontario Golf Course Superintendents, the Ontario PGA, the Ontario Chapters of the National Golf Course Owners Association, and the Club Managers Association.

OVIG: Visually Impaired Golfers of Ontario

OVIG was created to bring the blind and visually impaired residents of Ontario together to learn to play golf. OVIG believes that golf is a sport in which the visually impaired can fully participate and enjoy. OVIG is a registered charitable organization that subsidizes special instruction and opportunities for the blind to play golf.


The Ontario Golf Superintendants' Association has members from various levels of management in golf, including golf course owners, superintendents, assistant superintendents, as well as architects and suppliers. The OGSA can trace its origins back to 1924. Its goal is to provide information on the problems and needs that face golf superintendents and thereby working to elevate the status of the golf profession to benefit its members.