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The green, green grassimage
The sign of any good club can be seen in its greenkeeping policies Ė from the type of grass species used on the tees, greens and fairways, to the manicured putting surfaces and the clubís watering practices. Many courses employ a team of greenskeepers to ensure nothing interrupts the speed of play and minimizes hazards (unless they are deliberate), the perfect balance of fun and challenge.

A year-round destination
The golf season can run anywhere from April to December, weather permitting. So, what does the golf course do in its off-season? Besides gearing up for the next year and ensuring the course is in top shape for the start of the season (and throughout), many golf courses have expanded its offerings to include year-round activities like wine-tasting evenings, culinary offerings and a location to hold everything from business meetings and conferences to personal celebrations. The golf aspect is still there, but the golf club has many more layers for patrons to enjoy.

Blending nature and design
Itís a delicate balance to create a golf course out of nature. Golf course architects, designers and greenskeepers often rely on the natural terrain to dictate how the course will flow. And, they often take into account the natural flora and fauna to maintain a natural habitat for the areaís wildlife. The benefits are two-fold: wildlife consideration and an escape for the golfer.

Going for the pro
Are you an enthusiastic golfer but lack some instruction? Many golf courses offer one-on-one and group instruction for you to reach your A-game. They also offer the tools needed to get there Ė from the right putter, driving iron or wood, to the more aesthetic: golf shoes, gloves and attire. The pro shop can also retrofit your old clubs.

Make a day of it
Is there a more ideal way to network than to host a few hundred of your business associates for a rousing game of golf? Not to mention the contacts you can harvest, hosting a tournament can also be a way to show appreciation to your clientele. Or, if itís a charity event, a tournament can be a sure-fire way to raise awareness and funds. Our partners are more than equipped to handle any size tournament, often inviting you to use one, two or even three of its courses. Meals, contests and awards ceremonies come as part of the tournament package.